• Living the ways of peace

    Date: October 01, 2006 Scripture: Mark 9:38-50; Esther 7:1-10; 9:20-22 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: The setting for today's reading from Mark's gospel: Jesus and his disciples are on their way to Jerusalem, to his confrontation with the authorities, and to his death. In this .. readread & listen

  • What Kind of Armor?

    Date: August 27, 2006 Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-20 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: In my first or second year as a pastor I led a funeral service - that I think back to from time to time. I think back to it - and to the unpleasantness of some of the memories... readread & listen

  • Reality Bites

    Date: August 13, 2006 Scripture: Ephesians 4:25-5:2 Preacher: Guest Preacher Guest Preacher: Aimee Moiso Today's scripture lesson comes from the letter to the church at Ephesus. The letter has traditionally been attributed to Paul or a follower well versed in Pauline thought, and .. readread & listen

  • Deepening

    Date: July 30, 2006 Scripture: Ephesians 3:14-21 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: In 2001, a group of us walked the stone-paved, column-lined streets of ancient Ephesus, in Asia Minor. One of the world's most magnificent archaeological sites, we strolled pas.. readread & listen

  • New world a-comin'

    Date: July 16, 2006 Scripture: Mark 6:14-29 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: I suspect that today's lectionary reading from the gospel of Mark is not among our favorites. I doubt if any of us memorized it as a child, nor do we often read it to our child.. readread & listen

  • Good and messy

    Date: July 09, 2006 Scripture: Mark 6:1-13 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Did you ever want to have a conversation with Jesus? I often do. These two episodes prompt one for me. It might go something like this: Jesus, you were a carpenter. That w.. readread & listen

  • With honesty, for healing

    Date: July 02, 2006 Scripture: Psalm 130; II Samuel 1:1, 17-27 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: In terms of our nation's calendar, today's lectionary readings appear to be pretty peculiar. That is, they have nothing to do with July 4. In using them, we are reminded that o.. readread & listen

  • Meeting God in the Middle

    Date: June 18, 2006 Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:33-49; Mark 4:35-41 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: I believe that we often encounter God somewhere in the space between fear and faithfulness. Somewhere in the middle of all those things in our world and in our lives that strik.. readread & listen

  • The Whole Iceberg

    Date: April 23, 2006 Scripture: Acts 4:32-35; John 20:19-31 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: Six sevenths of most icebergs lie below the surface of the water. That's what my research showed. And there are whole teams of experts dedicated to iceberg detection. And STILL.. readread & listen

  • And Then...

    Date: April 16, 2006 Scripture: Mark 16:1-8 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: "And then what?" I want to ask Mark's gospel. If one translates the Greek directly, that last sentence of the most reliable and ancient Greek texts reads something like this: ".. readread & listen

  • My People, Their God

    Date: April 02, 2006 Scripture: Jeremiah 31:31-34; John 12:20-33 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Jeremiah's long prophetic career began in the late 7th century BCE. during the reign of the young reformist king, Josiah. Josiah had led a religious renewal which had purged th.. readread & listen

  • Love Stronger Than Death

    Date: March 26, 2006 Scripture: Num. 21:4-9; John 3:1421 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: An OXYMORON - is a contradiction that contains truth. It's a figure of speech that takes two things that seem like they should NOT go together - two ideas that are opposite and.. readread & listen

  • Facebooked

    Date: March 19, 2006 Scripture: John 2:13-22 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Today's reading appears in all four gospels, a somewhat rare occurrence. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, this episode occurs in the last week of Jesus' ministry. Perhaps more than .. readread & listen

  • You bet your life

    Date: March 12, 2006 Scripture: Mark 8:31-36 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Gracious God, this morning, silence in us any voice but your own, that hearing, we may also believe and thus live into your son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Today's lectionary rea.. readread & listen

  • Thank God!

    Date: February 26, 2006 Scripture: II Kings 2:1-15; Mark 2:2-9 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Today's two strange, haunting, symbol-filled lectionary readings point to several facets of our life, several dimensions of our faith. Hebrew people and early Christians hearin.. readread & listen

  • Blessed and Broken

    Date: February 05, 2006 Scripture: Isaiah 40:21-31; Mark 1:29-39 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: Can you all remember a time when you were distracted? Your focus went from where you wanted it to be to someplace else. Usually the results are not very satisfying. Now sometim.. readread & listen

  • The state of our union

    Date: January 29, 2006 Scripture: Mark 1:21-28; I Corinthians 8:1-13 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Each year on this Sunday, I seek to give you my perspective on our life together. I am privileged to do so, to look back and ahead. If you are a newcomer, I hope you learn some.. readread & listen

  • For God alone

    Date: January 22, 2006 Scripture: Psalm 65:5-12; Mark 1:14-20 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Augustine, Bishop of Hippo in north Africa, one of the most influential theologians in all of church history, once wrote of God: "You arouse [us] to take joy in praising you, f.. readread & listen

  • What Kind of Christian?

    Date: January 08, 2006 Scripture: Mark 1:4-11 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Wasn't Jonah Garrett's baptism wonderful? To proclaim Christ's gift of love to a child, to declare that he is a child of God, simply because of how we know God in Christ Jesus-.. readread & listen

  • How Do You Follow a Star?

    Date: January 01, 2006 Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-6; Matt. 2:1-12 John 1:1-9 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be to follow a star? I mean really. In any sensible practical way you can't. On a clear night you could stand basically anywh.. readread & listen