• Known

    Date: September 4, 2016 Scripture: Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18 Preacher: Rev Laurie M. Newman Guest Preacher: When I was in the fourth grade, my best friend was Shari Lane. We were competitive with one another, in our Girl Scout Troop and in school. There were all those Scout merit bad.. readread & listen

  • test

    Date: test Scripture: test Preacher: Rev. Beth Neel Guest Preacher: test .. readread & listen

  • Unanswered Prayers

    Date: Scripture: Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: “Unanswered Prayers” .. readread & listen

  • Waiting

    Date: Scripture: Advent 1 Isaiah 64:1-9; Mark 13:24-37 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: Can you - imagine - a Christmas tree, turned upside-down? The point would be at the bottom. And then as your eyes rise - from the pointy little base - of this upside-down tree .. readread & listen