• There's No Place Like Home

    Date: May 27, 2007 Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 2:1-21 Preacher: Guest Preacher Guest Preacher: Debbie Garber Next to the Sound of Music, the Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies. Growing up, network television indulged me with yearly repeats. I loved the Technicolor and snappy m.. readread & listen

  • Spirit Led

    Date: May 20, 2007 Scripture: Luke 24:50-53; Acts 16:16-34 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: The decisions we make, over a period of time, when strung together, would begin to tell the story of who we are. Our decisions, when taken together, are the story of our identi.. readread & listen

  • Different

    Date: May 13, 2007 Scripture: John 14:18-31 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Today's gospel reading seems to go backwards chronologically. We did Easter five weeks ago, but the lectionary assignment is from the night of Jesus' betrayal and arrest. The b.. readread & listen

  • Like it or not

    Date: May 06, 2007 Scripture: Acts 11:1-18 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: How does one chronicle the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit, dramatic change, crisis and response? The writer of Luke-Acts gives it one of his best shots in today's lectionar.. readread & listen

  • New Life

    Date: April 29, 2007 Scripture: Preacher: Rev Laurie M. Vischer Guest Preacher: This congregation has a connection to Tabitha/Dorcas. We have a room downstairs, on the other side of the building, named after Dorcas. One of our small groups meets there ever.. readread & listen

  • ala Dr. Seuss, Maybe

    Date: April 15, 2007 Scripture: John 20:19-31 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: With apologies to Dr. Seuss: Well, 1 They said at night it happened and it was just quite scary. The door was locked, they felt secure from soldiers, torture, very.. readread & listen

  • The Signature of Jesus

    Date: April 08, 2007 Scripture: John 20:1-18 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: Back up with me a few days, before the gorgeous flowers and the lively banners and that great sound of cracking eggs. Back up with me. Come to the place where Jesus went after .. readread & listen

  • The Road

    Date: April 01, 2007 Scripture: Luke 19:28-40 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: I have been thinking a lot about the road Jesus traveled. A road from Jericho, past Bethany, to the Mt. of Olives, and from there he could see the city of Jerusalem. I have wal.. readread & listen

  • The season of scent

    Date: March 25, 2007 Scripture: John 12:1-8 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: This fifth Sunday in Lent, the end is getting closer, but we need to back up a bit. Today we dip into John's 12th chapter, but what happened in the 11th is crucial. Mary, Marth.. readread & listen

  • O, Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

    Date: March 18, 2007 Scripture: Luke 15:1-3; 11-32 Preacher: Rev Laurie M. Newman Guest Preacher: The Sunday school teacher was reading this story from Luke 15, to his class, clearly emphasizing the resentment the older brother expressed at the return of his brother. When h.. readread & listen

  • A season of deciding

    Date: March 11, 2007 Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-9; Luke 13:1-9 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: I love scripture! It is ever-new. Our worship opened with parts of the lectionary reading from Isaiah 55: "Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters...why do you spend your .. readread & listen

  • A season of seeing

    Date: March 04, 2007 Scripture: Luke 13:31-35 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: The Kidron Valley separates the old city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. That western slope of the Mount is covered with monuments, graves, ancient cypress and olive tre.. readread & listen

  • Wilderness Silence and Wilderness Bounty

    Date: February 25, 2007 Scripture: Deuteronomy 26:1-11; Luke 4:1-13 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: As we prepare to celebrate communion every Sunday from now until Easter Sunday in April, let us all take a moment to consider the bread on this table. Consider everything that .. readread & listen

  • Breakthrough

    Date: February 18, 2007 Scripture: Exodus 34:29-34; Luke 9:28-36 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: The story line of Moses begins with his birth into slavery in Egypt, his astonishing rescue and life into Egyptian adulthood, his trickery and rebellion against the Pharaoh, an.. readread & listen

  • And...

    Date: February 04, 2007 Scripture: Luke 4:14-30 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: More than 100 million people will tune in today, even briefly. At least some of them want to see the contest, and to witness the outcome: who will receive the honor, the ring, .. readread & listen

  • The state of our union

    Date: January 28, 2007 Scripture: I Corinthians 13 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: So, do you feel like you should be at a wedding instead of in Sunday morning worship? My experience is that what we just heard appears in more wedding ceremonies than any other.. readread & listen

  • Counterscript

    Date: January 21, 2007 Scripture: Luke 4:14-21 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: How many of us have lived in a small town? My first years as a minister, I lived in a town of about 12,000. Driving the only new blue Mustang there, I learned that there was li.. readread & listen

  • Water-Marked

    Date: January 07, 2007 Scripture: Isaiah 43:1-7; Luke 3:15-22 Preacher: Rev David Hutchinson Guest Preacher: Some of the best things in life - begin - with an uneasy feeling. That's what I believe. Some of the greatest beauty - starts - with a little nauseous-ness. For example, mornin.. readread & listen

  • Endings and Beginnings

    Date: December 31, 2006 Scripture: Luke 2:41-52; Colossians 3:12-17 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: ENDINGS On this Sunday morning of New Year's Eve Day, it seems fitting that we do worship in a slightly different way. Turnings of the year provide for us opportunities to.. readread & listen

  • Away in a manger

    Date: December 24, 2006 Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-7; Luke 2:1-20 Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso Guest Preacher: The other day, while I hurriedly shopped at Trader Joe's, she stopped me cold in my tracks. With beautiful black, naturally curly hair and an ivory complection, her dark eyes s.. readread & listen