Needlepoint Project

In 1991, members at Westminster began a project to create unique needlepoint pew cushions for our sanctuary.  What follow are images and descriptions for some of the hundreds of scenes.  If you are interested in booking a tour of our sanctuary and the pews, please contact our office coordinator at 503-287-1289 x 111.

Noah’s Ark

The front two pews in the nave depict scenes from the Noah’s Ark story – the pairs of creatures that entered the ark. (Genesis 6:1 – 9:17.)

Beverly Cleary

The second pew on the east side of the nave shows pictures of characters from the books of Beverly Cleary. Ms. Cleary grew up in Portland and attended Sunday School at Westminster; Westminster is “the big stone church” where Ramona was a sheep in the Christmas pageant.

Local Landmarks and Oregon History

Spectacular places and courageous people are characteristic of the Pacific Northwest.