Cloisters Gallery

Current Show - through January 25, 2019

Life in Pieces by Beth Neel

The Cloister's current show features paper mosaic and collage by The Rev. Beth Neel.
"I hate to be bored and I like to have a project, and I fell into these collages and mosaics. People ask what my influences were, and after thinking about it, I'm still not sure but here is my best guess. A few years ago I took up adult coloring books, hearing that coloring was like meditation, and as a visual person I much prefer coloring. That got me to thinking about how a particular color fills a space. Then I bought a paper collage Lew Sprunger had made, and that got me to thinking about scraps of paper. Then we were finally retiring old Sunday School lithographs (some dating back to the 1930's) and I took a stack, and starting cutting. I love beauty and I love color. In high school I took art classes and thoroughly enjoyed them, in part because of our teach, Mr. Foley, and his cat, Kitty Dammit, who lived at the school. I set my own art-making aside in college but majored in art history. Over the years I've dabbled in art-knitting, painting furniture, pastels, pencil drawing, and these collages are the latest product of a would-be artist." Beth Merrill Neel

The Creative Spirit Show of Fine Art and Craft

The Creative Spirit Show of Fine Art and Craft will return in 2020.

Writing Group

A small peer group of writers working in various genres with diverse skills and experience who meet regularly  Contact the church office for more information.