Parking Lot Update

Construction began on our parking lot on Monday, August 28, and will continue into fall. Our lot will not be available for any church events for approximately the next 11 weeks.

If you’d like to avoid driving to church, there are other options:

1. You may walk or bike. We have additional bike parking in front of the church on Hancock.

2. You may take public transportation. Bus lines 8, 17, and 77 all stop near the church, and the MAX blue, green, and red lines (to the Lloyd Center stop) are within a 15-minute walk. Consult TriMet’s website for details and its trip-planner tool.

3. If you live at Holladay Park Plaza or Calaroga Terrace, your usual shuttles will run as normal.

If you still plan to drive, you may try to find parking in the neighborhood, but on-street parking spots are few and far between. If you’re going to try this option, we recommend carpooling. You may also park at the Lloyd Center and walk to church. The walk is about a half mile. On Sunday mornings, we will offer a shuttle service from Lloyd Center to the church (see below), but because the shuttle van has limited seating (11 people), we encourage all who are able to walk from Lloyd Center to do so.

Shuttle service:

For Westminster’s 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship service each week, we will offer shuttle service from Lloyd Center to the church. To take advantage of this, please follow these guidelines:

Drive to the Sears parking lot at the Lloyd Center mall by entering the lot on Multnomah just west of 15th/16th. Park as close to 15th/16th and as far from Sears as you can. The shuttle, one of the Project Linkage vans, will have a Westminster sign in the window. It will pick people up at 9:45, at 10:00, and at 10:15, and drop them off at the church’s oak door on Hancock Street, unless someone needs to use the accessible entrance.

When possible, we will have volunteers available to help direct people. (We are still in need of volunteers to help folks who come to the church looking for parking and to help at the Sears parking lot. If you’re interested, please talk to Beth Neel.)

When worship ends, there will be one shuttle that leaves from the oak door on Hancock Street immediately after worship, and another that will leave half an hour after worship ends. We will ring a chime in the Great Hall to announce the departure of the shuttle. We will see when we might need to run a third shuttle. (The Holladay Park Plaza and Calaroga shuttle will leave as usual.) For those people who parked at Lloyd Center and entered church through our accessible entrance, the shuttle departing church will stop by the 16th Street side of the building to pick you up before continuing to the Lloyd Center.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Beth Neel at the church.