ala Dr. Seuss, Maybe

Passage: John 20:19-31
Date: April 15, 2007
Preacher: Dr Jim Moiso
Guest Preacher:

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With apologies to Dr. Seuss:

1 They said at night it happened
and it was just quite scary.
The door was locked, they felt secure
from soldiers, torture, very.

2 So there they were in all their fear
when, suddenly, they spied him.
They saw, then, Jesus in their midst
and it did terrify them!

3 They were so shocked. How'd he get in?
What could dead Jesus be for?
What could the wounded hands and side
be standing in the room for?

4 We knew our guilt. We felt so bad.
Love promised to the ending.
But then we'd run, denied our part,
when soldiers came arresting.

5 We had got out, got out so fast
as fast as we could go, sir.
Jesus the man, the one we knew,
they bound up tight, you bet, sir.

6 Then after that the night went slow,
and in the night it happened.
Peter, alone, just stood around;
then quickly had denied him.

7 Well, we had all gone hiding
and we wondered what to do.
Our lives, our dreams all broken
and his God seemed absent too.

8 He'd washed our feet and told us
the pattern from God above.
Hung upon the cross to die,

suffering, this the God of love?

9 Now saviors are not s'possed to die,
but save us with God's power.
Least that is what I used to think
before that strange encounter.

10 Absent was I the night he came,
I don't remember what doing.
We had not trusted Mary's word,
"The Lord I've seen," proclaiming.

11 Impossible. Preposterous.
How could she believe such things?
She's just a woman, that we knew.
In grieving, to him she clings.

12 And then he spoke, here's what they said,
"Peace be with you my friends."
They must have looked all startled then
‘cause "Peace" he said again.

13 Amazed, remembered they his word
the night before he died:
God's peace he'd bring to us in life
our joy'd be multiplied.

14 Jesus commissioned them,
the weak-kneed, yellow-bellied ones
the ones who'd hid in fear and grief
so much like I had done.

15 He breathed on them the breath of life,
gave to them his very role.
To hurt with others, serve in need,
facing death to make life whole.

16 I missed it all, the word, the breath,
his hands, his wounded side, too.
I thought them in denial,
imagining things not true.

17 The group, they're dreamers, not quite real.
I try to use my head.
Doubter I'm not, just want to know.
I need to know, I said.

18 I could not, did not trust them all
together in that place.
I too must touch him in each hand
my fingers in that space.

19 But then a strange thing happened.
Why, Jesus appeared once more.
He came right up before me,
without even op'ning the door.

20 No condemnation in his eyes,
no judgment on his tongue.
No halo, overwhelming light,
just presence, wounds and love.

21 My knees they shook, my eyes were blurred,
a realist I always had been.
In his presence I blurted out
"My Lord and God," who'd risen.

22 This troubled world is our home,
his people, you and I.
It's not forsaken in God's eyes,
but wondrous, treasured, Oh, my!